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 Free shipping in the lower 48 states !Always a little extra each time you  shop !Open everything , you have gifts !! If you want something shipped to another address just pop that information in the  shipping details ! Sending a gift is easy at .You are shopping from  a site that has been selling since 2009 !!!I have sold  world wide  & my art is in every continent !!How cool is that ? So thankful to each person who has bought my art ! I really never thought that I would be selling  world wide  & I am !You  make my day !!!! Thank you  for supporting me and  other small businesses as well !!!!I have a Facebook page also , click on the  F on the side bar of this site & feel free to like & follow my page  Rhonda's Rose Cottage Designs  I have over 20 thousand who  do  & would love if you'd check out my  many photo albums of art there & share my art world wide ! 1 wild rose artist creating over a thousand items on  my website ! Happy Shopping ! 

  Please see all promotions & deals   on my Facebook  business page  Rhonda's Rose Cottage Designs  !Feel free to like my business page & share my art around the world ! 

FREE shipping in the USA lower 48 states. Discounted shipping for international orders, just shop & we will send you a shipping invoice later.  Any customs or other duty charges  by carrier will be  the responsibility of the international buyer  . Check with your post office  to see if any  charges exist . 

Minnesota residents pay state sales tax of 6.88% when checking out. Thank you for considering my art , Rhonda Motteberg . 

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